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XIII World Forestry Congress 2009 – Call for papers and posters
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The forgotten half: women in forestry in Africa

Accra, 12 November 2007 – Although women play key roles in forest protection and conservation, policies and laws are biased in favor of men, said the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today at the opening of a gender workshop for forestry in Africa.


Indigenous people and forest care


Bosque Modelo San Pedro buscará su validación definitiva en Honduras



40 hectares allotted for jatropha cultivation


Greenpeace urges Indonesia to stop burning forest


Environmental fears over palm oil


Food firms blamed for Indonesian forest damage


Indonesia dismisses concern on high emission, promises to fix peat-land


Nations share blame for Indonesia deforestation: VP


Indonesian palm oil industry tries disinformation campaign


Brazil :
Soybean Trade Drives Forest Destruction in Brazil


UN chief promises to help Brazil protect Amazon forest


Democratic Republic of the Congo :
Les forêts d’Afrique centrale ne peuvent être sauvées sans moyens


Greenpeace blocks shipment of Indonesian palm oil


In new take on carbon-trading, Indonesia may get paid to save trees


The Philippines:
Indigenous peoples and forest tenure security


In the Amazon, primary forest biodiversity tops that of secondary forest, plantations


Innovation :
A new model to simulate forest growth


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